MediaPortal configuration

In order to use VODServer with the MediaPortal TV Server Engine, you can use MediaPortal's built-in DVB-IP tuner support. TV Channels for a DVB-IP tuner are configured using an m3u playlist file. MediaPortal comes with some pre-configured m3u files, but for VODServer you will need to create your own m3u files.

For each internet stream that you want to use as a TV channel in MediaPortal, you will first need to configure VODServer for that internet stream. This may be as simple as using one of the existing VODServer services with a simple video URL, or as advanced as creating your own VODServer service configuration. Please refer to VODServer Services for more details.

Once you have a list of working VODServer streams, you are ready to create a m3u playlist and configure the streams in the MediaPortal TV Server Engine:

  • Create one or more m3u playlist files containing channel definitions. See the included sample m3u file.
  • Copy the playlist file(s) to the following directory: MP TV Server data directory\TuningParameters\dvbip
  • Optional: In order to speed up TV Server channel scanning, and to avoid the scan being unable to tune into some channels, close the existing instance of VODServer, then start VODServer again with the following command:

    java -Dservice.override=/test -jar VODServer.jar

    This will cause VODServer to temporarily serve the vodserver.mp4 file for every service request, instead of trying to connect to the actual service. Please remember to restart VODServer without the service override option after scanning for channels.

  • Open the MediaPortal TV-Server Configuration
  • Make sure that at least one IPTV-card is configured
  • Open the configuration for the IPTV-card
  • Select one of your m3u files from the service drop-down menu
  • Press the Scan button
  • TV-Server will start scanning the channels defined in the m3u file, and hopefully be able to access video content via VODServer
  • Once scanning is completed, make sure the channels have been added to a TV Channel Group
  • Close TV-Server Configuration, open MediaPortal and check that you can see and view the new channels

Watching and recording more than one channel at a time

If you want to be able to watch or record more than one internet stream at a time, you will need to configure multiple DVB-IP tuners. Please make sure that you map all your VODServer streams to each DVB-IP tuner.