VODServer Configuration

VODServer functionality is completely defined in configuration files; without configuration files VODServer will not function. When starting up, VODServer will search the current working directory for configuration files named vodserver-*.xml. This allows you to easily add additional service configurations without modifying any of the existing configuration files. At run-time, configuration files will be combined into a single run-time configuration, allowing elements in configuration files to reference elements defined in other configuration files. Configuration files are based on the Spring XML Configuration framework; see Configuration File Format for more information.

VODServer comes bundled with the following configuration files:

  • vodserver-jetty.xml Defines the main server configuration. In this file you can change the server listen port and address.
  • vodserver-services-common.xml Defines some common elements used by service definitions. This includes, for example, the ffmpeg transcoding options and rtmpdump parameters.
  • vodserver-services-compatibility.xml Defines aliases and possibly other functionality for backward compatibility. Note that these service aliases and functionality should be considered deprecated and may be removed in future versions.
  • vodserver-service-*.xml Define the actual services supported by VODServer. You can add your own vodserver-service-name.xml file(s) to add new services as required.